Best Fitbit for Men

With present jobs and sedentary lifestyle being the norm, many of the men are aloof from any form of physical activities. This has given rise to many forms of ill health that has plagued our anatomy. To get rid of any physical ill health, it has become necessary that men do get into action by burning some serious calories.

Just exercising is not good enough. There needs to be a tracking system to map the progress of your fitness. What better way to map your fitness progress than to use a Fitbit band. The device is compact, gives you all the essential information need to monitor your workout and health parameters right on the writ of your hand.

In recent years, there has been a drastic change where fitness is concerned. Top brands have started to invest their resources in developing smart apps and bands that give you constant updates on the health parameter based on the everyday activities that you carry out.

We present to varying Fitbit bands that are designed to give you a user-friendly experience when using it through providing you simple yet attractive data that can be a great source of encouragement to keep you active at all times.

Best Fitbit for Men 2019

1. Fitbit Charge 3

With the band available in either woven material or perforated style, the Charge 3 has bought in stylish looks along with practical functionality. Concerning the overall appearance, the wrist band bears a resemblance the Charge 2 but upgraded to provide you better features. The aluminum built body along with the tempered glass of Gorilla Glass 3, makes the screen robust and damage fitbit for men fitbit charge 3

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If we talk about the technology that is present within the Fitbit band, it comes included with a GPS that ensures that you know your way as the watch connects to the Fitbit app and displays it when you are out for a walk or run. Other than that, there is the standard floor-climb-tracking, step-counting, that keeps an account of the calories you burn throughout the day. Do you engage in water sport activities? No problems, the watch is water-resistant up to 165 feet. Now, you can dive in the pool without taking it the watch off your wrist.

The band has a multi-sport tracking and SmartTrack feature that goes into automation mode and recognizes and records the various activities performed by you such as walking, playing sport, running, dancing and so on automatically. The band incorporates a state of the art SpO2 sensor that detects the amount of oxygen is present in your blood.

Have a problem sleeping? The band proves to be a great monitoring system which can help you monitor your sleep pattern so that you can correct it. The band includes sleep tracking with different sleep stages (light, REM, and deep). The band also provides guided breathing sessions to control stress.

On the scheduling and business front, it provides you with calendar alerts, text, call, and smartphone notifications. You can also send replies through the Quick Replies feature incorporated in the phone. The integrated NFC chip in the device enables you to make online transactions. Finally, the batter is sturdy and provides you with a one week charge.

Summarizing the Advantages

1. The device is lightweight.
2. A long lasting battery life with one charge.
3. Added and improved features over the previous version Charge 2.

Summarizing the Disadvantages

1. The clock face options are limited.
2. The dependency on a touchscreen is to a larger extent.

2. Fitbit Inspire HR

Having a sturdy battery life of close to a week, the Fitbit Inspire rather comes as a surprise as it is a complete package even though it is economically priced when compared to similar brands available in the market. The band brings is a variety of features that can be used. Be it heart rate tracking, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and guided breathing exercises, the Inspire HR truly keeps track of all the activities that you accomplish within the fitbit for men 2019 Fitbit Inspire HR

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It is having a robust built and a sleek design the band form a stylish device to be worn on the wrist with any attire. For the kind of demanding price, the Fitbit has a rich look surprisingly and feel and is a waterproof device. It should be noted that even though it is a waterproof band, it does not feature any form of water tracking modes.

Other than the health feature modes, the other features that are made available are the radio transceiver, a Bluetooth 4.0 for data connectivity and compatible with syncing to more than 200 android model phones.

Summarizing the Advantages

1. Capable of tracking all-day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned.
2. Designed to look premium yet comes as an extremely affordable rate.

Summarizing the Disadvantages

1. Though it is a waterproof device, it does not contain any water activity tracking mode.
2. NFC based payments are not possible through this band.

3. Fitbit Ionic

Are you looking in to have a watch that consists of all features in one? Then the Fitbit Ionic will be the apt option for you. Measuring approximately 1.5 x 0.5 inches, the 1.7-ounce watch comes with make and design that put your wrist at ease. Thanks to the flexible elastomer Fitbit for men in 2019 fitbit Ionic

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Enjoy the visibility of a bright 1.14 x 0.8-inch LCD touchscreen comes with a 348 x 250-pixel resolution that comes padded with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for added security. The band has both the Multi-Sport tracking and SmartTrack features to automatically identify and record various physical activities such as walking, dancing, running, and swimming.

The band also provides you with timely reminders to help you get motivated you to reach your daily targets and an hourly goal of 250 steps. The SpO2 sensor made present in the Ionic gives you not only the count of oxygen in your blood stream but also a detailed report of your heart’s health. Following the matters of the heart, the band monitors the heart rate and the cardio fitness level based on the quality of your athletic performance you carry out regularly.

The one feature that is not available in most of the bands is the guided breathing session feature present in the Ionic to regulate your breath. Now enter in the pool or wear the watch when it is pouring you need not worry about the watch being damaged. The watch is waterproof, and you need not take it off at all times.

The smart features of the watch provide calendar alerts, call and text notifications to the device’s screen. Now enjoy your favorite song by storing your music on your tracker and use the controllers like the volume, skip, play or pause to pace a song. The Ionic comes with standard five-day battery life.

Summarizing the Advantages

  1. Comes with a diverse set of features and a robust built.
  2. Has a built-in GPS for ease of navigation.
  3. Has a clear display.

Summarizing the Disadvantages

  1. The interface is slow in response.
  2. In-built Apps are limited.

4. Fitbit Versa

With a 1.34 inch display makes the Fitbit Versa allows you to see your stats comfortably. The fact that it is a touchscreen makes the user experience convenient. The SmartTrack mode allows you to select certain workouts that can be sensed and recorded automatically. In doing so, your watch is now in a macro mode that performs frequent activities on a default basis.Fitbit Versa

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To keep your general well-being in track, the feature of cardio level mapping and its constant reminders to motivate you to keep you physically fit. An onscreen personalized coaching app gives you a source of the belief that you are working with a personal trainer or coach that will help you accomplish the daily set goals. While the band lacks inbuilt GPS feature, the non-present feature can be made up through a connected GPS feature.

If you happen to deal with insomnia, the watch can help you achieve better sleep pattern through light, deep, and REM modes to help you achieve better slumber. On the generic forms of modes, you can also use the text notifications, Caller ID, and Quick Replies are all available on the Versa. If you are a music lover, you can store music and allows you to control the volume, play, pause, or skip a song. The Versa can last over four days over a single charge.

Summarizing the Advantages

  1. Great value for the money invested.
  2. Designed as a compact and lightweight device.

Summarizing the Disadvantages

  1. Does not possess a built-in GPS.
  2. Has a boxy feel design.

Investing in a good Fitbit band helps not only in you acquiring a good healthy life, but it also helps you to track, monitor progress, synchronize, achieve and inspire any of the activities you do in your day to day life.

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, Fitbit bands facilitate you to track every part of your day—be it your humble walk to work, your quest to lose calories the device helps you find your true fit motto to stay motivated, and for you to realize how small steps make a big impact in the longer run.

So, it is time you wake up from your perpetual slumber of inactivity and seek crave and achieve the enlightenment of an active lifestyle through investing in an appropriate Fitbit band.

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