Best Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles (ON SALE)

Personal transportation vehicles have been a constant option for a whacky mode of transportation. There are several options, but the personal electric transportation vehicles have gained a lot of importance and popularity over the past few years.

This has more to do with the world of battery technology. We will check out the best personal transportation vehicles for an enhanced mode of transportation.

Best Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles

There are several personal transportation vehicles, but for the sake of this post, we will focus on the electrically operated options and will also check out a few other options as well.

Fuzion Z375 Pro Scooter Electric Scooter

best electric personal transportation vehicle

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The electric scooter is custom designed and provides you access to the best performance in terms of personal transportation. The scooter has been considered to be the best among the professional trick scooters.

Some features worth the mention should include

  • It is made of Aircraft Grade 6061 T6 aluminium
  • The hex grips are super comfortable and blister free in construction.
  • The TRIAD Nylon/Steel Brakes ensure an enhanced speed control mechanism
  • The fathom bars made of aluminium reduce the overall weight considerably.
  • Easy to dismantle and re-assemble.
  • The fork is CNC machined and offers an excellent performance

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

best electric personal transportation vehicle

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The collapsible frame functionality provides you access an extremely lightweight construction. The foldability will ensure that you have access to the highest degree of storage functionality.

A few features offered by the vehicle can be summed up as

  • The larger sized wheels would make it an extensively great option for better riding experience.
  • It comes with an aluminium frame that makes it quite easy and simple to fold.
  • Shimano 7 speed professional transmission system takes care of bumpy terrain and hilly areas
  • The built-in battery supports 25 to 50 km per charge
  • It comes with a removable battery and can be charged both on & off the frame.
  • High strength steel construction and strong brakes are what should make it a formidable option for your riding experiences.

Inventist Lunicycle

best electric personal transportation vehicle

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The self-balancing unicycles have always been one of the unique personal transportation vehicles that have always been able to achieve the best experience and fun filled one at that.

What makes it an exciting experience? Here are our reasons –

  • An excellent build quality
  • It will help you protect your legs while you ride it.
  • The pedals and leg rest are made of plastic, thereby reducing the cost.
  • One of the best options for the home gym functioning
  • You may need to make sure that the unicycle can take up your weight efficiently.
  • They do not need a controller and can be adjusted with the forward and backward leaning of your body.

Swagtron Swagboard Pro Overboard

best electric personal transportation vehicle

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Hoverboard or self-balancing wheeled board is one of the excellent options for your needs in a personal transportation vehicle. These vehicles come with a gyroscope and sensor pads for enhanced performance.

What should make it an excellent option includes the following features –

  • The speed and range offered by the vehicle makes it an excellent option
  • The hoverboard works perfectly and suits you no matter whether you are a professional or an amateur.
  • The hoverboard also comes with a learning mode to assist you in mastering the art of riding a hoverboard.
  • The multi-layered Li-ion battery monitors and protects the battery efficiently.
  • The safe stop technology provided by SwagTron makes your riding simple and easy enough
  • The battery does come with indicators to let you know how much charge is left on your battery.

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

best electric personal transportation vehicle 2019

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A powered skateboard is an excellent option for almost all the needs for your expectations. This can be a fantastic choice for those who do not have a skating experience before. Since they are self-powered, you will find it the best option for zipping down the street with ease.

Some excellent features we loved with the skateboard would include

  • It offers you a 24 mph speed and provides you with a super fast acceleration.
  • You can climb the hills with ease and speed
  • It comes with five ride modes that are exclusive for the model
  • The butter smooth speed and performance.
  • An excellent faster acceleration.
  • An excellent deck design that provides a perfect boost and flexibility

Inventist Orbitwheel

best electric personal transportation vehicles 2019

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The orbit wheels are the personal transportation vehicles that are placed between a skateboard and inline skates. However, you will get better freedom and simple construction compared to those two.

What are the best features you find it interesting? Here are our reasons –

  • With two separate wheels for the two feet, they should help you work with a countless number of tricks.
  • The minimalistic design should be what should make it easy to work with for your needs in portability and convenience.
  • The larger wheels let you enjoy the experience on practically on every type of surface.
    Affordable pricing

Yikebike Synergy

best electric personal transportations vehicles 2019

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The best part that would make it a formidable option is would be highly portable. On of the simplest and easiest options for portable transportation, this is a perfect example for ease of moving.

The best features that we loved with the Yikebike Synergy would be

  • The bike has its lights on all the time. This should make it easy and simple to ride your Yikebike without issues.
  • Redefine your traveling experiences beyond boundaries.
  • The bike is so small that it can be carried in a suitcase when folded.
  • A single charge should help you ride up to 14 km distance at 23 KMPH speed.
  • It is electric, and you do not have to pedal it anymore.

Mongoose Expo Scooter

best electric personal transportation vehicles 2019

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This bike is a perfect option for your journey through any terrain. It is a bike which is styled like a car that should perhaps be a good option for all your personal transportation needs.

A few salient features we would love with the bike would include

  • The 12-inch tires should assist you at the best pace you can go at.
  • The brakes on the expo scooter are completely bike styled and should provide you access the highest possible stoppage.
  • The handlebar comes with 360-degree brake rotor and pegs.
  • Wider foot deck should provide you access for an added balance and stability performance
  • You can perform world class BMX freestyle brake rotor performance.

How to choose the best Personal Transportation Vehicles?

There are several options available for personal transportation vehicles, and we will uncover a few of them in the upcoming paragraphs. However, before that, here are a few points that you should take care of while buying a personal transportation vehicle.

Below a few pointers that will help you shortlist the best options-

The Portability

The portability is one of the excellent options you need to pay attention to. This will help you carry the vehicle anywhere you want to.

The Size

The size of the vehicle is one of the essential aspects you would want to keep in mind. The storage and where you can ride is the major elements when it comes to the size of the vehicle you are buying.

The Mileage

The mileage and range are the two other features you should want to focus on while checking out the best features of a personal transportation vehicle. If you are using a battery operated option, you will also want to check the distance that can be covered with one single full charge.

Learning Curve

You to consider the time taken for understanding and learning how to ride the vehicle? While some of them may be easy to learn, some of them may need a longer duration to master. You would want to choose the vehicle based on the ease of learning.

These are just a few elements and factors you should take note of while buying a vehicle.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few great options when it comes to personal transportation vehicles. Not that the list here is not entirely exhaustive in any way. The concept of personal transportation vehicles is quite new for most of the world. However, the list here should provide you with an input into the best option for your research into the personal transportation vehicles.

Check out the best options among those options and share your experiences with us.

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