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Smartwatches are already very popular and now what getting increasingly popular are smartwatches for kids and when we’re getting something for kids there’s a lot that needs to be considered like how safe is the smartwatch, whether they will be able to understand how to use it and even the price of the smartwatch. No, it is not a good idea to get them a high-end smartwatch that will set you back $400 for obvious reasons!best kids smartwatch 2019

If you’re reading this article you’re probably looking for a smartwatch for your little one and that’s great! No, they don’t have to be the $400 Apple watch, in fact, there are smartwatches designed specially to be used by kids. This is a great comprehensive article to tell you which is the right smartwatch for your kid and end your search. Luckily, there are smartwatches specially designed taking kids into consideration. They are highly interactive features fun activities like games, colored designs and at the same time are durable perfect for offering them a little fun and keeping them occupied and adding peace of mind for the parents.

It is the goal of this article to tell exactly which smartwatches are user-friendly or “kid-friendly” I should say at the same time being useful by the parents ie “trackers”. There’s also the other end of the spectrum where we’ve considered the safety and compatibility of its use with your kid. We’ve thought of both the sides here as although parents something secure and safe at the end of the day a kid is going to be using it so it has to be fun as well and more importantly to have it on their wrist.

There will be many questions in your head:

Should I even get my kid a smartwatch?

Aren’t smart watches expensive?

How safe is it to get my kid a smartwatch?

We have put together the most comprehensive article or a guide to answer everything query you have regarding getting a smartwatch for your kid.  Our goal is not to make you buy the best smartwatch there is none but the right smartwatch for your kid!  We’ve covered every single possible factor so you CANNOT go wrong with this guide. You can rest assured by the end of reading this monstrous guide you will know for sure what smartwatch to get your kid.

I’ll break down this comprehensive article into sections for easy readability. Please do not skip through sections as this is something you may miss vital pieces of information regarding a  smartwatch for your kid.

Best Smartwatch For Teens & Kids

If you have read the key metrics we’ve gone through to filter out these results you will know that this list of best smartwatches for kids is very reliable on, however,r please note one important factor what is best the smartwatch to us may not be the best smartwatch for your kid. This would relatively vary as to what it is you are looking for in your smartwatch for your kid and also what your kid is looking for in a smartwatch. Depending on the age your kid may be of different maturity levels which will greatly influence what smartwatch is for him. We urge you to please consider this before getting your kid a smartwatch to make the most rational decision and get something of maximum compatibility for your kid.

So the bottom line is that there is no best smartwatch for your kid you will need to pick the right smartwatch which may completely vary from our listing. Our job is to tell you what each smartwatch is best at and to help you make the most rational decision.

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

best kids smartwatch 2019 VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2


Most Suitable For: Children ages 4 years to 10 years

Reason to buy: Overall best smartwatch for kids with good functionality and tracker integrations.

  • Standalone Technology: Does not need to connect to the phone to operate
  • Best Interactive learning games making it very kid-friendly
  • Ability to take Photos and videos with filter options.
  • Chunky size minimizes choking hazard to a minimum
  • Splash-proof

The VTech Kidizoom Plus is the bottom line the best smartwatch for younger children. A 5-year-old kid may not find a $400 Apple smartwatch useful but he sure will have a lot to do with this kids smartwatch 2019 VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

  1. Learning Interactive games: The  ‘Fun Time Master’ helps little children to learn to tell the time through fun learning games. This is just one of the many interactive games the Vtech Kidizoom comes which. Another interactive game is the Monster Detector which allows your kid to find and capture monsters in the real world!
  2. Child Proof Materials: The build of this smartwatch is light and Chunky sized which results in a minimal choking hazard. Also, the strap has been designed to be childproof. So you can rest assured your kid will easily be able to use this smartwatch. The Kidizoom SmartWatch DX 2 is also available in Cerise, Green, and Blue. This wide range of color will ensure your kid finds a smartwatch in his most favorite color.
  3. Photos and videos: Kids LOVE taking a tone of photos at a time which is why this smartwatch can hold up to 1600 photos which can also be saved as watch face on its dual camera. There’s even a Silly Me App for funky filters and edits of photos.

Final Decision:

We honestly didn’t think there was smartwatch for kids but the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is probably the only smartwatch your kid will not find boring and absolutely love using. If you’re looking for a smartwatch for your kid think no more and just get this you cannot go wrong! 

2. Garmin VivoFit Jr 2

best smartwatch for kids 2019 Garmin VívoFit jr. 2


Most Suitable For: Children ages 4 years and up

Reason to buy: The best fitness smartwatch with excellent smart and cross-integration.

  • Best fitness and health personalized trackers
  • Best smart device integration
  • Swim friendly body
  • Disney, Star Wars, Avengers custom designs for young fanatics
  • educational mobile games and activities
  • Splash-proof

The Garmin VívoFit jr. 2 is designed to be more sporty smartwatch for kids basically a new fitness tracker for kids after being one of the fastest selling smartwatches for kids. However, don’t think of this as a fitness tracker. The smart integration is where the money is at. It’s hands down got the best smart integration on the market with kid-friendly features like rewards for tasks, family challenges through a leaderboard and much much more.

Garmin decided to come out with a second-generation version smartwatch for kids which is basically the same no surprise there as there was nothing wrong with the first one. However, what’s different in the second generation is the toe-to-toe challenges allowing kids to challenge other kids and family members for activities fitness related. The first thing you will notice the huge brand Garmin behind this product which is a quality mark in itself.  We love the branding unique to Avengers, Batman, Disney, and even Star Wars which are a love of every child nowadays. We think this is a good smartwatch if you want your kid to stay active and also want a way to track it to your smartphone. Although maybe an overkill.

Sports fitness trackers: With the Garmin vívofit jr. 2 your kid can learn and get the hang of fitness trackers right from a young age. If you are a health-conscious parent this is great because you can also track your child’s health through smartphone integration.

It comes with a super-easy for kids app where everything is displayed clearly. Parents can also track their children’s’ activity via the Garmin smartphone app.

Smartphone App Integration:  Apart from being a good fitness tracker the Gramin has an excellent smartphone integration. Parents can set up chores around the house and the Vivofit Jr 2 will automatically alert your child when they need to complete them and the reward they will receive in return.  

Cross integration: Apart from fitness trackers Gramin has a Family Leadership Board in which every family member that has a Gramin can challenge each other with records tracked on the leaderboard! Nothing beats a friendly family competition!  

Simplicity: The design is light and extremely simply which make it easy to use wherever they go! More importantly, if your kid is into sports like swimming a sleek simple waterproof watch is a good option for him. Simplicity something of immense importance for a kid trying to figure out how wearables work.

You won’t be overwhelming your child with something too complex as the Garmin is a simple silicon watch that can easily be put on the arm. It has just enough functionality to work just how it should without overcomplicating things.

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers:

We didn’t like the small screen size of this watch which could strain your kid’s eyes. However, if you are conscious about your kid spending too much time on digital things but still have some interesting this is perfect! More importantly, if your kid is old enough to have a smartphone he would not need a big screen smartwatch! The Garmin has good integrations with a smartphone to be a very good extension to it.

Final Decision:

Is the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 device perfect? Nope But it incentivizes very good habits, has the best fitness trackers to keep them active and fit. And it also has the best smart integration which is only getting better. It may have a small screen but functionality is something the Garmin has nailed with this watch. You don’t need a flashy big watch for your kid what you need is a fun smartwatch that will make them more fit and ‘gamify’ their good habits.

3. LG GizmoPal 2

best smartwatch for kids 2019 LG GizmoPal 2


Most Suitable For: Children ages 7 and up ( or ready to get their own smartphone)

Reason to buy:

  • Longevity battery that lasts over a week!
  • Kid-friendly features: Splash proof, fun colors and screen protectors
  • Compatible smart app for GPS trackings, texting, and cell phone calls.

Cell phone communication: Your kid has the ability to send and receive phone calls from four numbers. This limitation suggests it is for younger kids who don’t have a phone but are almost ready to get one. There are some extra features like parents can turn on quiet mode constraint if the child is at school and force the watch to take a call after four rings.

Battery life:  The battery life is splendid it is important as a cell phone replacement especially if your kid is going to be using your smartwatch a lot. Up to 9 days of standby time with up to 2.5 hrs of usage time.

Location tracking with notifications: A parents worst fear is sending their kids to play and not having them return. Today with increasing kidnapping incidents it is of immense importance to secure the life of your child. You can now have some peace of mind with the LG GizmoPal 2. The GPS ability lets parents know when their child is at all times with a capability to limit or to set digital parameters so their child doesn’t wander off too far off those boundaries. A notification ring is set off in this case to both the parents and the child.

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers:

Location tracking on demand: We find this a little bulky for smaller kids due to the huge screen size. Also, the location tracking is only on demand and not on a real-time basis which to be honest beats the purpose.

Phone turns on only one button: This implies that the smartwatch will not stay on at all times and will turn on only after pressing the button which is annoying.

Verizon and android limitation: The Gizmopal 2 is only available through Verizon and for Android phones.

The costs: Apart from the $79 cot to purchasing the device there would be an additional cost to using the limited cellular connectivity which can add up over time.

Final Decision: The LG GizmoPal 2 is for those parents who are not ready to give their kids a smartphone just yet but want them to get well acquainted with one. The LG Gizmopal 2 is a simple wearable with good functionality as a cellular smartwatch but is not for every day or all-day use. However, the drawbacks seem to outweigh the features in this one still the best cellular smartwatch on the market which is still a lot.

Although there are drawbacks this is the only smartwatch for kids with cellular connectivity. Maybe the toned down restriction is because it is meant to be kid-friendly. In this case, it is securely a fantastic starter cellular smartwatch for kids before they move on towards getting their very first new smartphone. Also, the emergency features are very useful and although used only during a worst-case scenario are much better than nothing!

4. The Tinitell Watch

best smartwatch for kids 2019 The Tinitell Watch


Most Suitable For: Children Ages: 5 and up

Reason to buy: You want to get something for your kid regardless of age that is very simple and easy to use but can perform complex tasks like making phone calls with a push of a button. Literally without having to even dial the number!

  • Extremely Simple design with excellent functionality.
  • Easy Cellular connectivity between a child and their guardian(s).
  • Integrated GPS module so parents can GPS track their child’s location in real time.

Mobile Phone Calls Made Simple:

With the Tinitell your kid can make and receive phone calls all with a push of a button. You can add up to 12 contacts from the app and the network is through a pre-installed ting micro sim card. The best thing about mobile calling is it is limited to whoever is programmed into the watch through the Tinitell app.

Notifications: Apart from being used for cellular calls you can also use the Tinitell to notify your kid by sending in quick alarms. For instance, during dinner time this can come in handy.

Affordable cellular plans: The Tinitell has a slot for a SIM card, which works with any provider that offers 2G. When you sign up for Ting service, you pay based on your needs. The cost is about $3 for 100 MB of data and 100 minutes of phone time. There are larger plans that will sit your kids.

Real-time GPS Tracker: Unlike Lg’s, on-demand tracking, you will always able to locate your kid’s Tinitell. Every little Tinitell comes with a GPS tracker that is easily tracked on a map in the Tinitell app.

Both iOS & Android integration: You can also check the location, manage the Tinitell settings and contact list. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Extremely Durable: Weighing in at about 2 ounces the Tinitell is made of durable materials and resists water and dirt.

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers:

The watch may seem as boring if your child is into visuals and is looking to use it for play. It does have the best functionality compared to any other smartwatch for kids. The attractive colors look very suave and appealing. If you don’t want your kid spending too much time on their new smartwatch but want ultimate functionality this is a very good option.

The cost of $149 is another drawback for the limited visual functionality this is a bit of a letdown. However, this is the best smartwatch on the market with tracking and cellular features. Also, it has the most affordable cellular plans with good compatibility. You cannot go wrong with this. The battery is another let down which has a standby of just about 2 days. Which means you will be charging this thing almost 3 times a week.

Final Decision: Tinitell doesn’t have fancy games and apps to keep your child engaged. However, it has the best integration with both Android and iOS devices. It is extremely simple but very powerful. If you’re looking for a cellular solution that won’t add another smartphone plan to your expenses this is a perfect choice for your kids. Its basic functionality will not make them spend too much time on their smartwatch as well.


best smartwatch for kids 2019 KURIO WATCH 2.0


Most Suitable For: Ages from 6 years to 12 years of age

Reason to buy: Parents who want to get their kids a smartwatch for apps and messaging with average functionality. You want an app-rich smartwatch (this one comes with over 20 pre-loaded apps) that will keep your kid engaged throughout the day. You don’t care about functionality like GPS and water resistance but want your kid to have fun with his new little toy.

Application overload: You can rest assured your kid will enjoy his new smartwatch because of the massive screen loaded with over 20 applications. Kurio has taken into consideration a kids joy of playing with his toy and made this highly interactive smartwatch for kids.

Bluetooth 3.0 support: It can be paired with an android phone so you can make calls and send messages. This is however restricted towards making calls on that phone which in most cases will be their parent’s phone.

Navigation and customization: All the main functions and options are laid out in a grid of icons. Swiping around is fairly easy compared to most smartwatches There’s a fine selection of themes so that you can also customize the watch’s face and the dial.

Standalone software: It is also a standalone device which does not require the need for a smartphone.  However, it is slow and awkward to use.

Selfie Camera and Video on Kurio Watch 2.0: There is a great selection of photo effects and filters to choose from and you can also set a photo as the background of your watch. 

Playing Music on the Kurio Watch 2.0: This is made easy through the inbuilt player the Kurio interface comes with. It comes with some pre-installed songs and also has a micro SD card that allows you to transfer music, video, and photos from your PC or MAC.

Games and Apps on the Kurio Watch 2.0: There are over 20 games installed including Tac Toe, Battleships, drawing, Snakes and many more. These come in very handy if you’re kid find themselves spending time waiting so that they can have a quick fun solution on their wrist.

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers:

  • Battery life lasts only up to 3 days which restricts the functionality on vacations and
  • It is also not suitable to water making it vulnerable in case your kid is exposed to water.
  • At $200 this is an expensive buy considering there is no GPS and it is not resistant to water.
  • The face of the watch is also massive which may seem a little chunky if your kid is small.
  • The build seems cheap being plastic

Final Decision: The Kurio isn’t the best smartwatch for kids but it is definitely one with the most games and apps. It’s an exciting option for kids. However, it could be much better with GPS, water resistance, and iOS compatibility. As a smartwatch toy, it does its job exceptionally well but it fails to impress as an overall smartwatch.

Honorable Mentions:

Some of the smartwatches for kids that didn’t make our list but are still worth mentioning if you aren’t really looking for the best but just want a basic functioning device for your little one.

6. Supvin U80 Smartwatch

best smartwatch for kids in 2019CHECK LATEST PRICE

Reason to buy: Your kid is notorious for losing things and wants a smartwatch but you want to get them something extremely cheap (16$) so that they are happy to have something around their hand and you aren’t worried if they lose it.  The Supvin U80 Smartwatch covers the basics of a smartwatch with fitness or sleep tracking and also has a notification sync via Bluetooth 4.0.

Drawbacks: The cheap cost comes at a price of cheap hardware that can be confusing to use and vulnerable to errors. Still, for the price, you cannot go wrong. Also, this isn’t exactly made for kids so can be a little hard for them to understand.  

7. Hero tracking watch

best smartwatch for teens in 2019


Suitable age: 3 to 12

Reason to buy: You just want something to track your younger kid with and also have notifications ability through Bluetooth. It is more geared towards the safety of your kid as it has real-time pinpoint tracking and smart location alerts anywhere in the world also with international roaming! It also looks great with child-friendly color schemes.

Drawbacks: Priced at $199 make this an expensive buy. You also pay a monthly subscription of $4.95 making this quite an expensive buy.

8. The Moff

best smartwatch for kids in 2019


Suitable age: 5 to 8 years of age

Reason to buy: You are looking for a wearable smart toy for kids. An interactive smart toy which makes every movement into a toy. Essentially, it helps fuel a child’s imagination by providing sound effects while they play, and simulating movement.

The sounds are quite interesting for instance your child can pick up a broom and use it like a guitar while the moff sounds off with guitar chords and crows.

It is designed with a classic slap-band so children can slip it on or off on their wrist quite easily. It is also powered by a batter making it last very long.

Drawbacks: Limited use of wearable. Does not include many features and is more of a wearable toy than a smartwatch. Still a good creative option for younger kids that may not understand how to use a smartwatch yet.

How exactly are Smartwatches for kids and teens made?

After the introduction of smartwatches back in 2015 there have been major advancements in how we use them, how they look and now smartwatches not just for adults but also for kids. It has moved from a luxury consumer electronic device to a basic staple of life. The smartwatch has moved it to the next level. There was a time when all you needed a watch for was to tell you the time. However now after major advancements, smartwatches are being made for kids.

There is now even a range of models that offer games, learning development and tracker/GPS integrations. A smartwatch for kids is less powerful and affordable wearables. Moreover Unlike a regular smartwatch costing over 400$ these smartwatches for kids are much cheaper. 

Key metrics to look for whilst getting a smartwatch for your kid

A smartwatch for kids isn’t going to be an ordinary purchase you will just pick up the shelf of the supermarket. More importantly, kids will be kids meaning us parents would need to do all the rational thinking of making sure the smartwatch we get them is safe and easy to use. Smartwatches for kids are relatively cheaper than an average smartwatch but they’re still not that cheap also being a new technology us adults barely understand it is important to consider the functionality from a kids perspective so that they are actually able to use it well and  also from a parent’s perspective so that the parents benefit from giving their kids a smartwatch. This is why we’ve made a whole separate section toward knowing what to look for whilst getting a smartwatch for your kid!

This will educate you to make the most rational decision when getting your kid a smartwatch. You will also know what to look for in a smartwatch for your kid just in case you do not like our list of best smartwatches for your kid. Our goal is not to sell you a smartwatch but to educate you as to what is the mindset you need to have when getting your kid a smartwatch.

Functionality:  Now when I say functionality it is relative to age. I am not talking about 4G LTE cellular functionality but a more conventional “kid-friendly” functionality. How easy or complex is the smartwatch? Will your kid be able to understand the basic functionality of his smartwatch or will it be an overkill? You don’t want to get your kid something he will not be able to understand, do you?

Fitness Tracker: This isn’t something your kid will want but something that will be important for them. A good fitness tracker like Garmin is the best on the marketing for tracking your kid’s fitness and keeping them inactive shape.

Age of your kid: Depending on the age of your kid a smartwatch may seem too kiddish or too complex. You need to make that decision based on the maturity of your kid. If your kid is young don’t get him something complex he won’t understand or something he will lose. If your kid is older and more mature don’t get him something too “kids”. It is important to find that right balance or you will end up overwhelming or underwhelming your kid.

Smart Integration: A smartwatch for kids is not simply a gimmick it is a tool for parents to keep a track of their kids through live updates as to where they are through GPS integration and also for them to contact you at times of distress through an SOS signal. For this reason, It is important for your kid’s smartwatch to have a good smartphone integration  

Choking hazard: For younger kids, it is important to beware of the make of the smartwatch. How big are the materials, what are they made of? What are the choking hazards that come with it? It is immensely important to consider and can provide to be fatal if not given a fair amount of thought.

Now that you know what to consider whilst getting a smartwatch for your kid, let’s move on ahead towards the top smartwatches for your kid. Remember There is no top smartwatch only the right pick for your kid. 

Best Smartwatch For Kids & Teenagers

We hope you found this article on the top best smartwatches for kids helpful. Remember there is no best smartwatch there is only the right one for your kid. Some smartwatches are better than the other for different purposes. More importantly, it is important to consider that your kid will be using this so it’s important to know whether it is a compatible option for them. If you haven’t read this article throughout we recommend you do so before you make that decision of buying your kid a smartwatch.

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