Best Fitbit for Kids: Fitbits for Children & Teens

With video games and gaming consoles been marketed regularly, the present generation kids are now turning away from the physical activities of playing outdoors and prefer playing on the high-end consoles, and realistic 3D animation make belief world on the comfort of their couches and huge television screens.

Many kids are increasingly staying at home and refuse to get involved in any outdoor activities and sports resulting in weight gain, a battery of health issues and more importantly, a sluggish mind. To promote health and fitness and to encourage kids to lead a more active lifestyle, parents must proactively participate and teach their kids about the benefits of getting involved in more outdoor activities.

To tempt the kids for good deeds, there must be some source of excitement so that they can look forward to being more involved in the gym and sports. Parents can always consider gifting their kids some of the most trending fitness trackers. This will give the kids a sense of purpose to go out and get into great outdoor physical activities and will give them a genuine excuse to map their fitness streak through the smart mechanism strapped on their wrist.

In the present market, there are a plethora of Fitbit bands made available. We have rummaged through dozens of them and present to you some of the popular and credible fitbits that you can consider buying for your kids that are robust and economically priced.

Best Fitbit for Kids & Teenagers

1. Fitbit Ace 2

If you have a kid in the age bracket of 6 to 8 years, you might very well consider gifting the kids the Fitbit Ace 2. The device is created in a specific way and is targeted, especially to a very young audience. What makes the Fitbit Ace 2 an ideal piece is the features incorporated with it and the sturdy, durable band which makes it relatively fitbit for kids

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The training band is perfect for ages six and eight as the band may be overly complex for anyone below that age and may not be fully appreciated and used as compared to the features made available in the band. Through the band, the kid can track their overall activities like tracking the number of steps taken, active minutes spent during the outdoor activities and it can also go further to monitor the kids’ sleep pattern.

This will help the child inculcate positive aspects and incorporate it into their daily routine. The band also serves as a source of encouragement as the kids will achieve batches through notifications and celebratory messages for reaching the goal. Having a 5-day long charged battery, kids need not remove the band from their wrists anytime soon for charging. The device is IP67 that makes it waterproof so that the kids can have a bath without removing the device.

2. Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR is a more complex device for kids in the range of 14 to 16 years. The band proves to be an excellent giveaway for more serious kids is performing outdoor activities. The device comes in with much more detailed features. The band comprises of a heart rate monitoring system that also shows you how much calories you have burned. In case you are lost for which exercises need to be performed, the device suggests the exercises zones understand how much physical activity is being carried out by you.

best fitbit for teenagers

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If you have disturbed sleep pattern, the band monitors your sleep monitoring pattern that can help you assess and analyze you to improve your sleep. The alarm system too is a vibration pattern that helps you wake up subtly. Apart from these great features, the Fitbit Alta HR also maps steps, calories burned, distance covered, and active minutes. The phone can go on for without a week’s charge, which is ideal. The appearance of the app is nice, clear and colorful. The interface displays your fitness data in easy to grasp graphs.

3. Fitbit Flex 2

If you are looking in for an ultra-thin durable fitness tracker that is IP67 (waterproof) rated, then we would recommend you to check out the trending Fitbit Flex 2. The design is distinguishable from the others as the tracker is detachable from the strap. This option gives a good reason to alternatively the tracker in other accessories such as bracelets, pendants and fitbit for kids 2019

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Some of the other features that are included in the band is the automatic sleep tracking, call and text notifications, SmartTrack auto exercise recognition, sedentary reminder. The device comes in a variety of colors that range from Black, Lavender, Magenta and Navy. The band is just a perfect fit for water body lovers such as swimmers and surfers.

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

A one of kind of fitband that is exclusively branded with Marvel, Disney and Star Wars theme. Every band has a unique theme band and a watch face. The watch, when paired with a smartphone, can play the themes from Disney Marvel and Star Wars, respectively. Being the second generation kid fitness tracker, the Vivofit Jr. is the replica of the Vivofit 4 or the Vivosport.

The Vivofit Jr. 2 is water resistant. The strap is constructed out of durable rubber. There are two forms of strap sizes that are made available; one is a stretchy rubber that young children and a more elegant band for higher aged children. Garmin has programmed the watch in a smart way that it rewards children for completing daily activity goals. As the child completes targeted activity, they are bestowed with rewards in the form of a story and theme game.

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Similarly, new watch faces are unlocked on the watch screen as they keep achieving their daily activity goals. On an important note, the parents can use the app to track and monitor chores. The chores can vary from house chores to daily errands. Once the child completes the chore, it rewards a coin. This coin can then be redeemed for rewards.

It comes with a coin battery and hence can be replaced after a year. Hence there are no hassles of a docking port or a charging cradle that needs to be carried all the times and the fear of misplacing it.

5. Leapfrog Leapband

Welcome to a game oriented Fitbit band. The Leapfrog Leapband is highly economical as compared to the Fitbit Ace or Vivofit Jr. 2. Even though being reasonably priced, the piece of mechanism is attractively designed and colorful that keeps the kids excited and enthusiastic to stay active.

Moving away from the cliché tracking of steps, the Leapband the band encourages kids to get moving by listing them a list of challenges that materializes into a currency that is christened “Jewel” This currency can then be used to take care of a virtual pet from options made available, that can be fed, breed and clothed.

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Parents too can have a great amount of control over which activities can be accessed whereas the other banned. Move Mode is one of the modes that are a default state that keep the watch track motion on to monitor the kids’ movements.

The Player Mode allows the child to play games and undertake challenges. There is also a quiet time mode that discards the sound and games. This is done so that the kid can sleep and have a meaningful rest time. The screen only shows the clock during the Quiet mode. The watch also teaches children about nutrition and the consumption of right healthy food.

6. Kurio Watch 2.0

A sleek and well-built watch comes packed with a lot of features. Being a fit band, it also serves as a smart watch. The watch is capable of taking pictures and videos. With the Bluetooth feature made available, it allows ease of connectivity that allows parents who own Android devices to message their child and exchange photos and other media. One can also exchange text and photos to friends having the same band.

Conscious about fashion? The Kurio 2.0 comes with a varied of band colors. You have to choose a watch face and wallpaper, and then pop it into your band. Now swap your band based on the color of outfit you wear! Every watch comes with two bands. One is a standard band and the other changes color as per the child’s body temperature. The watch is water resistant as well as scratch resistant that makes Kurio extremely durable and an ideal purchase for your kids to stay connected.

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7. VTech Kidizoom

Another genuine and holistic smart watch from a stream of Fitbit made available in the market; it comes with two cameras ingrained in the watch that allows kids to click pictures and shoot videos. The stored pictures can then be used as wallpapers on the watch screen. On keeping the kids physically occupied, the watch does include a motion sensor for active play challenges. A pedometer is installed to count your steps and fun sound effects; it also features a parental control setting to limit the play time.

The watch has a provision of a micro USB that enables children to recharge the watch, upload photos and videos and download content like games and seasonal clock faces from VTech learning lodge. Though it is sweat proof and splash proof, it is not recommended that the watch been worn during showering or bathing.

The main attraction is the Monster Catcher game. The game presents augmented reality to aid kids capture monsters in the real world. The game proves a great motivator to your kids to get outside and run around natural surroundings to capture these monsters.

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8. Fitbit Versa

A great watch for kids in the range of 13 years and above, the band has a similar appearance to digital wrist watches. The Versa is a relatively new product in Fitbit lineup which comes with a wholesome full featured fitbit for kids and teenagers

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The watch is heavily water resisted for up to 50 meters and can comfortably track swimming sessions. The watch also measures your kids’ sleep patterns such as Light, Deep and REM sleep time. It provides SmartTrack auto exercise recognition; it enables you to access your favorite apps for sports, weather, get a call, calendar, text, and app alerts. A boon to female users, it can help them maintain a log for their menstrual cycles. The application also has 15+ exercise modes that record workouts and provides connectivity to smartphone GPS for accurate real-time pace and distance. Finally, it constantly monitors your heart rate to keep you informed of the pace of your heart.

Whether it is enjoying the wholesome features of the band or watch for entertainment purposes or to get your kids proactive to get engaged in physical activities, the Fitbit bands serve as a great source of encouragement and also inculcates learning knowledge to the kids to take care of themselves physically.

The wrist bands do come with state of the art technological innovations that can help you monitor your kids’ movements and also bring them self-realization of how physical activity plays an important part to keep them active and in good shape. It is high time you get moving and get your act on and get an ideal Fitbit band that can serve as a great motivation towards developing an active fitness lifestyle for your kid for a lifetime to come.

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