Best Apple Watch 3 Screen Protector Reviewed 2019

If you are reading this chances are you own a beautiful Apple watch or maybe someone you know has one and you are concerned about its protection. Good on you Screen protectors are something not a lot of people think about only to regret it later! You have come to the right place my friend for we will tell you exactly why your apple watch needs a screen protector and what is the best screen protector for it on the market right now! Our goal is to write a comprehensive and reliable guide to choose the best Apple watch Screen protectors because it is in our best interest to help our readers with good quality content that will improve their lives.

With the rising popularity of smartwatches especially the Apple watch we thought it would be important to talk about the security of your Apple Watch. They don’t come cheap and regardless who likes a banged up apple watch on their wrist? Thus it is immensely important to protect the apple watch using a screen watch 3 screen protector 2019

Fortunately for you, if you are reading this you probably are already proactive towards this topic and are concerned about the security of your Apple watch. That’s great! You have come to the right place for we have put together a comprehensive and helpful article on the best apple watch screen protectors where we have reviewed and tested the best screen protectors to help you pick the best screen protector for you.

We’ve even divided this article into sections for better readability so please feel free to skip through sections that are most important to you.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protector 2019

Now that you know what is the best features to look for in a screen protector for your Apple watch you will know what is a good product and what is not.

However, if you do not want to spend time looking for a good product we recommend you read this section for we have reviewed and tested the best Apple watch Screen protectors to give you the best top Apple watch series 3 Screen protectors. We have highlighted the reason to buy it and go into detail as to what are the features that make it a good watch.

DeltaShield Apple Watch Screen Protector

best apple watch 3 screen protector 2019

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Reason to buy: For a lifetime replacement warranty and premium protection for your watch. It is also very lightweight, easy to install and guarantee to provide good protection for your Apple product.

Materials: The make of the Delta Shield Body Armor is so thin that is 100%, ultra-thin high-quality military-grade film protector. It is also resistant from UV-light to prevent any yellow marks on your watches face, It also has a technology termed “Self-Healing” which allows the film to get back to the original look over a time period, this causes the small irritating scratches on your watch to simply disappear! Also, the anti-fingerprint coating prevents any dirt, oils from fingers or any external debris from ruining your beautiful watch.

Compatibility: The film protector is of highly flexible materials which make it easy to install on most surfaces. The laser-precision design of the Delta Shield will offer the best fit and protection for your Apple watch series 3. The wet method installation allows you to install your protector and adjust it during installation to provide for an air-tight fit.

The Verdict: This is easily one of the best Apple series 3 watch protectors on the market. It has the best service with a lifetime warranty and will protect not only the face but the finish of your Apple watch. We recommend this product to anyone looking for a peace of mind when you leave your home wearing that Apple watches.

Spigen Rugged Armor Watch Case with Shock Absorption

best apple watch 3 screen protector 2019

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Reason to buy: You need a heavy duty Apple watch case that will not mess around and protect all your apple watches. Also, you need it to be secure but at the same time non-intrusive and lightweight so as to not change the look and feel your apple watch. You also need something very durable and compatible with the other Apple watches.

Materials & Protection: Some of the best Apple Watch screen protectors are made by this company Spigen. The Spigen Rugged Armor is made from ultra-flexible materials and made very simple for a super fast installation. It is made from TPU material and it is very durable and will barely raise the height of the watches face by a negligible 1.2 mm. It is also made with a non-intrusive design to secure your watch without hindering any access to the control and functionality of the watch. This apple case protector is built to protect your watch without any screen/product contact and looks quite stylish at the same time.

Compatibility:  This is one of the Apple Watch protectors that is compatible with all the Apple watches! In fact, it is suitable to protect right from the Apple Watch Series 1 to the latest Series 3 as well as the Original 2015 Apple watch, Nike Apple watch, and 42mm Sports Edition. It is an extremely versatile smart watch case that is guaranteed to protect your watch without any hindrance to your functionality. It is Stylish, durable and tough enough to give you that extra protection from shock and external material you immensely need.

Conclusion: If you are serious about the protection of your Apple watch then the Spigen Rugged Armor Watch Case is for you! The material is made of TPU that forms the majority of this Apple Watch Case is extremely lightweight and only raises the watch face by a negligible 1.2mm. It is very durable and will not get in the way of your functionality or controls as its design is non-intrusive. It is also very compatible with all the Apple Watch Series’ from 1 to 3, as well as the original 2015 Apple Watch and exclusive Apple Nike+ and Sports Edition watches.

JETech 2-Pack Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector (38mm and 42mm)

best apple watch 3 screen protector 2019

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Reason to buy: You’re a minimalistic person and don’t like too much of something for this screen protector is something that will add no extra bulk or fuss to your Apple watch screen.

The thinnest screen protector at just 0.2mm thickness which will add an extra layer of security without anyone noticing. It provides edge-to-edge protection due to its screen’s rounded edges making it easy to install. It is included with sticker guides to help with placement and also extra wipes to deal with fingerprints and dust.

It is also a two-pack! Which means you will have a replacement when the time comes for a change. The JeTech 2-pack is probably the best deal on the marketing right now for Apple watch screen protection. Grab it for $7!

RinoSkin Tempered Glass Protector (38mm and 42mm)

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Reason to buy: You are looking for a tempered glass option that will provide all-in-one total protection and still lets you show off that amazing Apple Watch design. It is a very non-intrusive apple watch screen protector.

The RinoSkin Tempered Glass Protector is a clear thin piece of glass designed to fit perfectly and protect against scuffs, drops, and scratches. For only $7 we think this is the best option on the market you can get. It has plenty of positive Amazon reviews implying it is a quality product liked by its customers.

It is available in two sizes 38mm and 42mm so make sure you pick the right size before purchasing one.

What to look for in a good Apple Watch Screen Protector?

An Apple watch is not a light investment you have spent a great deal of money to be able to buy one. Also, it is something you plan on using for quite some time and for basically majority of your daily commute. You obviously want to have the best protection for it at all times so you know it remains in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

But what makes a good apple watch screen protector?

What is it you need to look for when buying an apple watch screen protector?apple watch 3 screen protector 2019

That is what we will be discussing in this section of the article. The goal of this section is to tell you what makes a screen protector good so in the future you are better informed in the future. This will also tell you what to look for in a screen protector in case you have to buy one in person or from a retail store.

The type of protection: There are different kinds of protectors.

A film protector: which is a very thin layer that you place on your screen, much like the protector you use for your smartphone protection. This is a type of protection that allows for the easy non-intrusive use of the touchscreen technology of the Apple Watch. It also fits snugly and prevents any scratches, marks, and another build-up of fingerprint oils from constant use of the device. It will also ensure that your screen remains visible and clear of all debris. However, due to the extremely thin layer, it is not the strongest form of protection.

Apple watch case: This is a form of protection that encloses your Apple watch in a thin, strong and invisible security field. It has curved aluminum edges to cover the covered display are of the apple watch. The Apple Watch cases are made to fit perfectly on your watch and are usually made of a rubbery substance or some plastic shell that will even cover the sides of your watch. The case will not be in touch with the screen or the back of your smartwatch at any time. The case is very non-intrusive and does not get in the way of the functionality of the watch in any way at all. They are designed to be non-intrusive thin and very lightweight so that it adds as little bulk as possible to the size of your watch. Some screen protectors, however, will cover the entire screen but this will change the feel of the watch. The huge upside of having case protection is that is designed to not just protect from scratches and smudges but also from shock absorbing or impact resistance, protecting your watch against strong impacts against the ground or other external surfaces and protecting the watch falls from your hand and comes in contact with the ground.

Material: This is a factor that will greatly influence the durability of the Apple watch protector. The materials it can be made from is tempered glass to TPU film the former is usually the strongest and most durable.

No matter what type of Apple watch protector you choose having a protector is going to surely keep your Apple Watch face clean of scratches and other external materials that could harm your apple product.

Why does your Apple watch need a screen protector?

You may think that a screen protector is for your smartphone but you are wrong my friend. Today with the advent of smartwatches that can easily put you back a few hundred dollars you might think twice before heading out without the right protection for it.

In fact, the placement of the smartwatch on your wrist makes it very vulnerable towards coming in contact with another surface. The Apple watch may have a tiny display that seems easy to protect however wearing it around everywhere on your wrist every single day means it’s going to be vulnerable to damage. More importantly, If you want to keep it scratch and scuff proof you will need a tempered glass screen protector and is the best way to do keep it looking fly! However, not all tempered glass screen protectors are created the same. Due to the Apple Watch screen rounded edges, most of the tempered glass protectors aren’t able to cover the entire thing making them useless and vulnerable to coming off if the edges come in contact with another surface. You need a protector that is made to address that issue by coming with a casing or one which has a strip of curved aluminum to protect the edges.

Also, the problem with Apple watch screen protectors is that there aren’t good products on the market which makes it hard to find the ones that are good! However, unfortunately, you end up purchasing one that doesn’t fit your apple watch well or one made of a bad quality that results in you having to change it soon. You want to buy a durable and long lasting Apple watch and one that will actually protect your apple watch. Ultimately it will come down to how well you want great protection for the watch face.

Can you live with a cracked screen?

Do you mind if your watch gets a scratch?

Can you afford the repair?

I believe prevention is always better than cure and that is something most of us should live by. I’ve learned it the hard way how important it is to protect the screen of my devices as I am very careless whilst using them.

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