Best Smartwatch For Women

The watch, in the olden days, served a single purpose – it was all about telling you the time. However, with the advancement in modern mobile technology, it has gone beyond just that. The digital watches – or the smartwatches as they are called nowadays– have been performing as the extensions of your smartphones.

They can now share the notifications and messages on your phone, even letting you communicate with your smartphones or the outside world, for that smartwatch for women 2019

The Best Smartwatches for Women in 2019

Adorning the wrists of the male flock when they first arrived, the smartwatches have evolved over the years and undergone a huge change in functionality and design. This has created a new marketplace for the smartwatches – the womenfolk.

They are no longer an ugly gadget sitting on your wrist and have become more trendy and stylish. With multiple options available in the market, making an informed purchase decision might become confusing. In this post today we will discuss the best smartwatches you can wear as a woman.

1. Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch – Buy Now

best smartwatch for women

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This is one of the most feature-rich devices you will find in the market for women. It packs in a lot of functionalities within its small frame. You have access to a fitness tracker along with a complete digital assistant.

Some of the salient features we loved with the smartwatch include-

  • The Built-in GPS connectivity offers an accurate tracking functionality and ensures excellent navigation.
  • The smartwatch comes with independent storage for listening to your favorite music on the go.
  • Huawei smartwatches offer you a Huawei TruSleep keeps track of your light, deep and REM sleeps for ensuring that your sleep is genuinely satisfying.
  • The smartwatch also comes with a heart rate monitor for an accurate measure of your fitness activities.
  • You get access to a variety of apps and other options designed for Wear OS.

The smartwatch comes with three battery settings – a three weeks mode on watch mode, two days on Smart Power mode and seven hours of constant GPS usage.

If those features impress you enough, you can opt for the watch at this link on Amazon.

Average customer rating – 4 stars

2. Apple Watch Series 4 – Buy Now

smartwatch for women apple watch

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If you own an iPhone, the Apple Watch series 4 is the best you can go with. When compared to the previous generations of the Apple smartwatches, series 4 comes with a host of overhaul and improvements.

Some of the features that make it one of the best options in this list are as follows-

  • The watch is available in 40 and 44 mm sizes, making it suitable readable for most of your needs.
  • If you are using it for fitness activities that you indulge in, it has added features in the form of waterproofing functionality and swim tracking features.
  • The Apple watch also comes with an electronic and optical heart s4.5ensor options.
  • You also have access to a fall detection functionality with improved accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • The automatic workout detection should be helpful enough for checking out the five metrics to measure your fitness activities.

Does that appear impressive enough? Why not check out the smartwatch on Amazon?

Average customer rating – 4.5 stars

3. Fitbit Versa – Buy Now

smartwatch for women fitbit

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The successor the Fitbit Ionic, the Fitbit Versa has been considered to be an excellent option for your enhanced experience. It is not only good looking and is smaller enough to suit women. It is indeed the best alternative for your Apple Watch and is quite ready for the tasks you throw at it.

Some of the features that will make it a worthy option can be summed up as follows-

  • It is compatible with both- Android as well as iOS.
  • Just pair it to your smartphone, and it will begin scanning and presenting your messages, notifications, and other alerts.
  • It also doubles up as a fitness tracker with its ability to track your heart rate, menstrual cycle, sleep, and other activities.
  • You have access to a battery life beyond three days.

Interesting enough? Check it out here on Amazon.

Average customer rating – 3.5 stars

4. Skagen Falster Black Leather Smartwatch – Buy Now

best woman smartwatch 2019

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This is the smartwatch for those women who are specifically looking for the minimalistic design. The watch looks like a bracelet and the simple design truly stands out from the crowd. It is the metal mesh bracelet that it comes with is what makes it appealing enough.

A few excellent features we loved with the smartwatch are as follows-

  • The watches have been considered to be the most beautiful smartwatches in the market.
  • You can receive the notifications from your phone, and yes, you can filter them as per your preferences.
  • The watch comes with Google Assistant support
  • The watch dials can be customized to meet your exact requirements and preferences.
  • It has a 24-hour battery backup functionality.

You can check it out at this link on Amazon.

Average customer rating – 3 stars

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Buy Now 

best woman smartwatch 2019

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With the rose gold design and ample features, it should be one of the excellent options if you are looking for a high-quality smartwatch. Tagged as the best option for a stronger and smarter life, the watch offers you a host of features and functions.

Some of the excellent features that you would witness on the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch include

  • Designed with the Tizen 4.0 operating system, the smartwatch also offers you a waterproof functionality.
  • It comes in three color options and two different sizes.
  • The smartwatch can pair with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The battery backup lets you go for two days together.
  • There is support for Bixby, the in-house personal assistant from Samsung.

In case you find the concept interesting enough, you may have a look at the watch at this link

Average customer rating – 4 stars

6. Kate Spade New York Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch – Buy Now

best woman smartwatch 2019

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If you have been into the fashion circles, you should be aware of the name Kate Spade. The smartwatch is its first attempt at the smartwatch genre. The watch is quite sleek and smart to the core and should match the expectations of the womenfolk.

What made it to this list? Here are our reasons –

  • The smartwatch is powered by Google Wear OS and supports most of the apps
  • You have customizable watch faces to go with what you are wearing or what you are doing.
  • You can pair it with your iOS devices if you are above iOS 9.3 and above.
  • The smartwatch comes with a 4 GB storage for storing your songs and images.
  • The 24-hour battery backup is one of the features should make it a great option for those long hours.

Sounds promising? You can check it out on Amazon.

Average customer rating – 3.5 stars

7. Michael Kors Access Unisex – Buy Now

best woman smartwatch 2019

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Are you someone who is not interested in fitness activities, but focus more on how does the watch go with your outfit? In such a scenario, you will find the Michael Kors Access Unisex smartwatch an excellent option.

A few excellent features that the watch comes with can be summarised as

  • It is a watch that both connects you and offers a classy feeling.
  • The 4 GB internal storage and a 360 mAh battery should make it a fine choice.
  • The always on display should provide you with an excellent option for constant connectivity and access.
  • A perfect combination of both functions and fashion, you will indeed find it a great choice.
  • The support for voice commands should make it an added advantage.
  • There are several faces you can use to keep you in the loop.

If you want to check out the smartwatch, visit this link for an added information.

Average customer rating – 4 stars

8. Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch – Buy Now

best smartwatch for women

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If you are paying any amount above $ 200 for a watch, you would want it to live up to that pricing. The Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch for women is indeed the best in that realm with its customization options.

What makes this smartwatch worthy of being on this list? These reasons perhaps can be one of the best-

  • You have several faces to go with your attire and a host of straps available; it is the best you can get to satiate your fashion sense.
  • The compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear.
  • A single charge will get you through 24 hours
  • Powered by Android Wear OS, the watch is compatible with most Android smartphones and iOS devices.
  • You have access to an activity tracker that can handle a host of activities including steps, distance and calories burned.

The watch can be bought from Amazon from this link.

Average Customer rating – 4 stars

9. Samsung Gear Sport – Buy Now

best women smartwatch

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If you are a sports & fitness enthusiast and looking for a smartwatch with sports and fitness tracking, the Samsung Gear Sport is an excellent option for you. It has almost all features that you would expect in a smartwatch designed for fitness tracking. The AMOLED Full-color AOD protected by Gorilla Glass 3 makes it a great choice.

Some of the major features are-

  • You have access to over 60 multiple workouts to choose from.
  • It is the best option for your sporting needs as it supports water resistance up to 150 meters and comes with a swim tracking app preinstalled.
  • The intuitive controls should also make it one of the prominent options for the fitness freaks
  • It can sync well enough with both Android and iOS.

Check out the smartwatch on Amazon today!

Average Customer Rating – 4 stars.

10. Fossil Q Neely – Buy Now

best smartwatch for women

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Fossil Q Neely is designed to look like a watch but performs like a smartwatch. Quite small and simple, it is a slim hybrid watch for those who look for minimalistic design. Looking just like a nonconnected smartwatch, it comes with a host of features to sweep you off.

Some of the features that we loved on this device are-

  • It offers you a complete fitness tracking with Fossil Q app and can track activities and sleep patterns.
  • The smartphone uses the Bluetooth technology to connect with the device and share the notifications on the move.
  • Fossil Q Neely can track the activities with simple steps and provide you the measurements with a focus on steps, distance and calories burned.
  • You can assign the buttons a few presets for an easy to understand the functionality.
  • It can also let you check your travel time at the push of a button.

If you think the smartwatch is worth the try, you can check out the details at this link on Amazon.

Average Customer rating – 4 stars

Best Smartwatch For Women

The smartwatch scenario has not been witnessing the kind of development it indeed deserves. The lack of a wholehearted interest among the users has been one of the reasons for this slow growth. However, of late, we have been finding the sector being rewarded enough. We assume the top end smartwatches for women featured here should go a long way in promoting them in the long run.

Share your inputs and experiences about the smartwatches we have compiled here in this presentation. Do let us know which among them appeals to you and why.

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