The Best Minimalist Wallets: Best Slim Wallets For Men & Women

When you are waiting at a cash counter to pay your bills, the last thing you want to do is fumble between a clumsy wallet that is heavily loaded and highly disorganized. Be it is just taking out your credit or paying the amount by cash or settling credits with spare change, a wallet if chosen appropriately will help you transact easily and without any hassle.

Choosing a wallet can be a bit of a disorienting experience as they are many wallets that are made available based on the kind of requirement you want. Be it something that you want to stash into your back pocket or ensure that the wade of cash stays together in your breast pocket. You can choose the kind of wallet you would want for your minimalist wallet 2019

The range available in the wallet stores depends on the size, the material, the shelf life, the type of wallet, and the costs. These are some of the basic features one need to keep in mind when choosing the wallet. The secret of choosing the right wallet depends solely on the simplicity of the design. The simple the ergonomics of the purse, the more you will appreciate the wallet.

We present to you some of the different kinds of wallets that are presently trending that if invested in will not only enhance the overall fashion look but also will help you change the way in how you carry your bills and cards.

Best Minimalist Wallets in 2019

Classic Bifold Wallet

best minimalist wallets 2019

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Considered as the original design that started the trend of men’s wallet. The design and make is a similar fashion as its original predecessors were designed. It is an elongated piece of fabric that can be folded into half. When opened, the bifold wallet has a large pouch constructed to hold currencies.

The wallet also comes with multiple slots where one can store different credit cards, social security number cards, driving license, and similar cards. What makes the bifold wallet stand out is that it is one of the slimmest makes in the market. Keeping it in your back pocket, you will not feel a sense of obstruction and can comfortably sit down without damaging any cards or cash.

Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet

best minimalist wallets 2019

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The trifold wallet is an advanced version of a bifold wallet. As the name suggests, it is compartmentalized into three sections. You can carry more cards in the added compartments. The classic Levi’s wallet is made out of the authentic wallet that come in the dimensions of (LXB) 0.7”X14”. The wallet is handcrafted exclusively and assures you long-lasting shelf life.

The capacity of the wallet includes six card slots that can hold credit and debit cards. It also consists of two hidden pockets — a large compartment to store currency bills and a transparent thumb ID window. The thumb ID widow is ideal for storing your ID proof. You should only ensure that you do not over stash the wallet cause it can cause a bulge that will be uncomfortable when you want to sit down with the wallet in your back pocket.

Radix One Hybrid Slim Wallet

Radix One Hybrid Slim Wallet

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If you are not comfortable with the bifold and trifold and want something slimmer and lighter than the existing wallet, then you should consider the Radix One Hybrid Slim Wallet. Replacing the traditional wallets, the Radix One comes with an ultra-design that is simple and highly functional.

The wallet has been designed in a way that it can hold up to 10 cards. The durable silicone band wraps around two polycarbonate plates that secure the credit cards and IDs in between. The silicone band also acts as a clip to secure cash over the polycarbonate plates. The design is clean and straight and hence can be easily slipped into your trouser or jeans front pocket or even into your shirt’s breast pocket.

ALASKA BEAR – Money Clip Holder Wallet

ALASKA BEAR - Money Clip Holder Wallet

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For people who detest carrying wallets and yet like to keep it simple and organized, they can rely on the ALASKA BEAR – Money Clip Holder Wallet. Build using premium stainless steel the worries for the clip rusting is taken care of. The smooth finish of the clip also ensures that the cards and wallets slip smoothly into the clip and stays fastened to the cash.

Comes with a classy velvet bag that can also serve as a great gifting item for your closed ones. Due to the bare minimum design, it is recommended that you use 3 or 5 cards and 10 to 15 bills and not overload it with additional cash and cards.

Beartwo RFID Blocking Money Clip with Pockets

Beartwo RFID Blocking Money Clip with Pockets

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An exclusive set of ingenious design for men who are uncomfortable in carrying a classic bifold wallet but are still particular of stashing their cards and cash in a simplistic pack that does not entirely resemble a wallet. For them, we present a “front pocket wallet.”

Measuring a mere 4.6″ x 3.1″ x 0.1″, the Beartwo RFID Blocking Money Clip comes well-crafted with quality leather. The pocket clip wallet is light and is ideal to be carried around in the front pocket. In the event of a lot of data being stolen from magnetic cards, it comes with strong security for the protection of cards in terms of an RFID solution.

The RFID technology blocks 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals while you are moving or shopping in places. It protects your vital information from unauthorized scans through its unique metal composite engineered to ensure that your data from cards does not pass on to unauthorized users. (It should be noted, it does not block 125 kHz frequency). On the feature side, it comes with 8 Card Slots, 1 ID Window, and a powerful clip that firmly clasps the cash when put in it. It comes with a one-year guarantee, and the warranty covers any defects or damages caused to the product during its manufacturing or delivery.

Leather Checkbook Wallet

Leather Checkbook Wallet

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This particular wallet is precisely built for the people who understand style and elegance with a pinch of snobbishness. Designed from leather, the Leather Checkbook Wallet comes in the size of 6.75 x 3.5 inches. The wallet gives you ample space in storing a cheque, a big slit where one can store money bills, one ID compartment, and five-card slots for storing business or credit cards.

In terms of safety of the cards, the wallet comes with RFID technology through its well shielding metal composite that deflects any frequencies to access the data from the cards. It also has an extra panel of cheque divider. Though a bit heavier on the length, the wallet is a great product to carry during business meets or merely slipping it in a travel bag for ease of access when required.

Buxton Heiress Pik-Me-Up Coin Wallet with Card Slot

Buxton Heiress Pik-Me-Up Coin Wallet with Card Slot

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If you are into excessive use of change and find it stifling to handle all the change in a wallet, then it will be apt for you to invest in a Buxton Coin Wallet. The design is of a small pouch that can comfortably hold a decent amount of spare change.

The material is leather and is inlaid with lining to give it sturdiness. The wallet contains one slip pocket, one exterior pocket, and 2 ID windows. The pouch also comes with a separate removable two card slot case. A convenient product one can use it frequently where change is the preferred currency.

Choosing the Right Minimalist Wallet

With all the varying types of wallets that have been mentioned in the article, you need to choose the right kind of wallet that serves your purpose. To make your life easy, we bring to your notice basic pointers that is essential that you follow every time you set yourself in investing in a wallet.

Choose a subdued Wallet

A wallet should not scream for attention yet should cover the essential functions that it has been purchased for. Ensure that you do not go for anything flashy. Choose a wallet whose colors and fabrics are subtle and high quality, respectively.

Get the Size Right

Always see to that you pick a wallet and try it out so that it fits into your trousers, jeans or for that matter your shirt pocket. Choosing a rather bulky or large wallet might prove highly uncomfortable.

Material does Matter

Always ensure that the material and make of the wallet is top-notch. The leather wallet should be preferred over any other as they tend to last long. Other fabrics too are excellent. Avoid the synthetic make wallets, they cannot withstand sweat and grime and tend to give away quickly.

Do Not Shy Away on Spending

Many consumers refrain from spending on a functional wallet. Remember if you spend one time, you need not bother spending on another wallet for an extended period. If you understand your usage is rough, then you better invest in a good wallet to keep your money and cards safe.

Consider Wallet Security through RFID technology

Be safe from high- tech theft. A lot of means has been generated where your card details can be acquired without actually stealing your wallet. to avoid such incidences, it is best that you invest in the right RFID technology included a wallet that keeps your money and your card details safe.

Now that you are well fed with all the knowledge that is required on purchasing wallets, it is up to you now to go out and get a wallet that not only provides you with the needs and requirements of storing cash and cards but also becomes an extended personality of your grooming and style factor. So, which wallet are you going to invest in today?

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