Best Action Camera under $100

Top Picks: 1. Yi Action Camera 2. Akaso EK7000  3. IConnTechs IT

There’s no better way to capture those thrilling, adrenaline-infused moments than with action cameras and when you think about an action camera chances are you’re probably thinking GoPro.

Now although this brand technically runs the action camera market it isn’t the only option out there. Thanks to the widespread popularity of action cameras we have many players in the industry that now make decent action camera for under $100!

That’s right you don’t have to break the bank and buy a $500 action camera from GoPro to capture good footage you just pick one from my recommendations below that are just as good and you’ll have a decent action camera that’s great for hobbyists and beginners.

Best Action Cameras under $100 in 2019

1. Yi Action Camera

best action camera under $100 2019 yi 4k


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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 94g

Waterproof: N/A (optional case available)

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080p: up to 120fps
  • 720p: up to 240fps

Stills resolution: 12MP

Battery life: Up to 2hrs

Why do I recommend this?

Yi is one of the best action cameras under 100$ that stacks up well against some of the best action cameras.

This action camera comes pre-packed with 1080p full HD video, image stabilization, 3D noise reduction, up to 11 video and 4 photo modes and many more features. In short, it sports most features you’d expect in a premium action camera without the cost of one. WIN-WIN! It also has over 90 minutes of a battery is more than more premium action cameras.

In my opinion, if you want a cheap action camera under $100 you will find it difficult to find an alternative to the Yi Action Camera.

  • Sensor from Sony that renders crisp video at good fps
  • Long-lasting 1100mAh battery
  • Intuitive app compatible with most smartphones
  • Takes a while to startup. (14-18 seconds)
  • Takes around 2 seconds to shoot.

2. Akaso EK7000 Ultra HD 4k

best action camera under $100 2019 akaso ek7000


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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 635 g

Waterproof: 30 meters

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 25fps
  • 2.7K: up to 30fps

Why do I recommend this?

Another great budget action camera that’s taken GoPro head-on with its premium features at budget pricing.

I particularly love the wide-angle camera that sports a lot of modes and renders crisp and vibrant pictures. It is also capable of shooting cool 4k videos or and images at the 12MP quality.

On the whole, if you want an action camera with a good camera and video footage the Akaso Ek7000 will not disappoint.

  • A good video frame rate of 4K  25fps and 2.7K 30 fps
  • 170-degree wide angle view
  • Camera setup is incredibly easy
  • The camera comes with a lot of accessories to help you get started
  • Great for taking pictures or recording videos underwater
  • Difficult to find good mounts and battery
  • Camera options can be a little complicated
  • Audio tends to be a distorted underwater

3. IConnTechs IT Action Camera

best action camera under $100 2019 akaso ek7000


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Technical Specifications:

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080: up to 120fps
  • 720: up to 240fps

Wide-angle: 170-degree

Battery life: Up to 80 mins @1080p/30fps

Why do I recommend this?

This action camera has a variety of features that other as compared to other action cameras and more importantly at a fraction of the costs.

It’s UHD 4k video and wide-angle action camera is perfect for most beginners to capture breathtaking content be it on the ground, on the move or even underwater.

I particularly love the silent operation and light sensitivity on the camera. The images come out amazing in vibrant colors and what’s more is the reduced picture noise optimization which is built into the action camera.

  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Camera abruptly shuts down when the battery is low.
  • Video has no beep making it hard to tell it’s recording when on your helmet

4. Aokon 4K Wifi Sports Action Camera

best action camera under $100 2019 yi 4k


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Technical Specifications:

Waterproof: 30m with case

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 15fps
  • 1080: up to 60fps
  • 720: up to 120fps

Stills resolution: 12MP

Battery life: Up to 90 mins @ 1080P // 50 mins @ 2.7k

Best Reasons to buy:

Another highly sought out budget action camera is the Aokon 4k because of its extremely durable nature and its ability to capture great content. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and works perfectly for capturing high-quality content.

Remote control:

Just like with GoPros you have the ability to control the camera using your device the same can be done with the Aokon 4K Wifi. It has a remote control watch that can be used to control the camera change the mode and much more

30M waterproofing:

Bundled with this action camera is a waterproofing case allowing you to film 30 meters underwater. This is sometimes an accessory you need to purchase separately in some premium action cameras.

WiFi Connectivity:

Built in Wifi allows you to view and share your content across smartphone in a few minutes.

Accessories kit:

You also get a bundle kit of useful accessories that you can use to mount on a bike, surfboard, helmet, car and anywhere you action camera under $100 2019 akaso

  • Cross-platform support
  • Free accessories kit
  • The camera is a little glitchy at times
  • Video quality varies depending on activity

5. Eken H9R

best cheap action camera


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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 0.88 lb

Waterproof: up to 100 feet

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080: up to 120fps
  • 720: up to 240fps

Wide-angle: 170-degree capability

Stills resolution: 12M

Battery life: 1.5 hours @1080p and 50 mins @4k

Why do I recommend this?

The Ekeen H9R is perfect for most adventurous sport. It is perfectly sized and both portable and mountable perfect for anyone who wants to record stunning footage without breaking the bank.

Live streaming (only on Apple iOS)

This is a rare feature that’s currently exclusive to only the latest action cameras(think GoPro 7) however with the Eken H9R you can do the same and for a fraction of the cost.

Amazing Camera (time-lapse + 170 Degree Lens)

The camera on this action cam at 170 degrees is phenomenal. It can capture crisp wide images and is integrated with many options like burst mode, time lapse and much more.

Charging Dock with 2 Batteries:

Getting another battery is mandatory with any action camera but with the Eken H9R, you don’t have to get one because it’s bundled with the product for free and even has a charging dock to charge both the batteries simultaneously!

  • 170-degree wide angle lens
  • The video preview is a little slow on smartphones

6. Dragon Touch 4K

best action camera under $100


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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 2.12 ounces

Waterproof: 100ft

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 25ps
  • 1080: up to 60fps
  • 720: up to 60fps

Battery life: 1080p/90 mins, 4k/2k 60mins

Why do I recommend this?

Wireless remote control wristband:

This action camera has a super nifty remote control that gives you the ability to capture content without really looking at the camera. This comes in very handy when the camera is mounted on your helmet, selfie stick etc.

Built-in Wifi Connection

Just like GoPro, this action camera can be controlled via smartphone/tablet using the XDV app.

Multi-functional (can be used as dash cam!)

This action camera doesn’t always have to be one as it can be used as a dash cam by simply turning on driving mode.

Free mounting Accessories:

This action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries with each battery recording up to 90 minutes! You also have compatible accessories and mounts that will take the content up a notch.

  • 170-degree wide angle camera
  • Accessories kit with 2 batteries
  • Glitchy remote control
  • Build quality is less rugged and feels a little cheap

7. Apeman 4K Action Camera Wifi

best action camera under $100


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Technical Specifications:

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080: up to 120fps
  • 720: up to 240fps

Wide-angle: 170 degree

Waterproof: up to 40m deep

Battery life:  60 minutes

Why do I recommend this?

One of Amazon’s top choices that features the ultra-wide angle of 170 degrees paired with 4k video resolution an overall well-balanced action camera.

6 Layers Lens:

One of the biggest selling point about the apeman action camera is its camera. It uses a 6G 170 wide-angle Lense powered by Sony’s sensor to give you images of the finest quality.

With anti-shaking and electronic image stabilization:

The image stabilization feature is a feature exclusive to the premium action cameras that can capture stunningly smooth videos and stills even if the camera moves shakes and is subject to impact.

  • The camera integrated with image-stabilization technology
  • Comes with 2 batteries and mounting accessories
  • 2-inch display screen
  • Battery tends to overheat after prolonged use
  • Problems reported after a few months of use hinting at durability issues

8. Campark ACT74 Action Cam


best cheap action camera 2019

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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 61g

Waterproof: 30m with casing

Video & FPS:

  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080: up to 60fps
  • 720: up to 90fps

Stills resolution: 16MP

Battery life: Up to 90m

Why do I recommend this?

Ease of Use:

Although this isn’t touch screen the menu is relatively simple and easy to use.  However the labeling on the menu will take some time to get used to as it’s not the standard, for instance, the function “off” is labeled “close”.

Accessories Bundle kit:

Like other budget cameras, the carpark action cam also offers an accessories kit that includes a bike mount, miscellaneous helmet, and tripod mounts, wire cables, and Velcro strips to secure it to a snowboard, surfboard (or whatever) for added security.

  • Front facing LED camera
  • 16M stills with multiple modes including Time-lapse function
  • No image stabilization
  • No Touchscreen
  • Waterproof housing can be bulky

Factors to consider when buying a Cheap Action Camera?

When most people think of action cameras they think of expensive GoPros but truth be told most beginners don’t need the intensive features of a premium action camera at least at the beginning. It’s just sleek marketing that makes people think they really to break the bank and buy those premium action cameras with specs that just overkill for most beginner content creators.

Sure GoPros are great and are definitely better than budget action cameras but if you don’t have the experience I wouldn’t recommend them.

In fact, a cheap action camera below $100 should do just the trick and below are the factors you should consider when buying a cheap action camera under $100:

What is your ideal budget with accessories?

An action camera almost always needs an accessory to complement its use and really get the most out of it. Maybe it’s extra batteries or a tripod or whatever make sure you prepare a budget based on a checklist of the action camera and the supportive accessories.

How are the camera and its features?

When looking for a budget action camera it can be easy to forget to check specifications. So make sure you check the picture and video quality of the action camera. Don’t just get something that’s cheap but in reality, has a potato for a camera.

Weather resistance and Protection?

Your action camera is going to be exposed to moisture and high temperatures quite often so getting an action camera with a waterproof housing or resistance to water will go a long way to test its durability.

Camera Shape, Dimensions and weight

Action cameras are mostly mounted on the photographer’s body during high-speed mobility so choosing a camera with a lightweight and compact body will ensure it can be easily mounted.

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