Best BMX Bike Brands – Fitbikeco vs Sunday vs Kink vs Eastern

If you are a bike fan, you will find BMX Bikes as one of the best options, especially for mountain bikes. Which are the best BMX bike brands you would want to give a try? There is a vast variety of BMX bikes that have been successful. How to select the perfect bike in such a case? We are here to assist you. Let us check out some of the Best BMX Bike Brands you can find.

Best BMX Bike Brands in 2019

BMX stands for Bicycle Motorbike. These bikes are ideal for casual riding as well as for sports activities. BMX bikes are made up of sturdy materials, and that is precisely why they make your best companion when it comes to extreme sports activities.

Having understood that, below are some of the excellent options you can consider while selecting the best BMX Bike.

1. Fitbikeco

The company is known for an excellent range of bikes if you are a sports biking enthusiast. The brand is known for its superb quality bikes.

Fitbikeco 2019 Augie 20″ Fc Sunset Purple is a prime example for the 2019 line up of the bikes from Fitbikeco. The brand has influenced the biking industry since 2005 and has been one of the prime options you can rely upon. The Dugan range of bikes from Fitbikeco has been quite popular and has an added line- up for 2019.

One of the good options from the bike company include:

Fitbikeco 2019 Augie 20″ Fc Sunset Purplebest bmx bike brands Fitbikeco

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This is a full CRMO geometry street bike. You can get the bike assembled to suit your preferences at the Fitbikeco dealership near you. That would make it a perfect option for high-end customisation. The bike comes with U Brake mounts and FIT Savage Flangeless grips for trouble-free and balanced riding.

2. Sunday

This is yet another popular and most searched brand which will fulfil your need for enhanced biking experience. The brand hasn’t been operational for as long as the most other popular bmx brands in this compilation, but they do have some great bikes for the BMX enthusiasts. They have been in the market from around 2005.

Their products are made up of excellent quality high-end material with a premium and durable construction. One of the best thing about this brand is that their bikes are quite affordable. So in case you are on a tight budget, this may be the best option for you.
One of the best, yet an expensive option can be

2019 SOUNDWAVE SPECIAL GARY YOUNG SIGNATUREbest bmx bike brands sunday

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This should be one of those special bikes that money can ever buy. It offers you an excellent list of aftermarket Soundwave frame and Sunday forks. The company offer you 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is applicable on frame, fork and cranks.

2019 STREET SWEEPER JAKE SEELEY SIGNATUREbest bmx bike brands sunday

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This is a perfect BMX bike in the primer series from Sunday and explicitly designed for the street riders. The bike has been considered to be a perfect pro level bike. Sunday Camo Sweep Tripod Seat and Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster are a couple of extra features that should make it an excellent addition to the already great features that the bike comes with.

3. Kink

The brand is based in the US but has been offering a variety of BMX bikes across the world. Of course, the brand is quite new in the realm of BMX bikes but is still one of the great choices you would want to go with.

The brand assures you an enhanced quality and functionality. The bikes from this brand tend to be stronger and have excellent aesthetics. You would also find them quite lightweight & this should be a great option if you are a beginner in the world of BMX bikes or sports biking. What should set it apart from the rest of the BMX brands is that they are highly affordable compared to most other bmx brands and yet offer superb functionality.

A few exciting choices you can go with Kink BMX bikes would involve

Kink Coast 12”best bmx bike brands kink

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These are the perfect bikes that are best suited for initialising your kids into the wonderful world of BMX biking. These come under the balance bike category and offers you the ideal combination between a BMX bike and a geometry that suits children.

Curbbest bmx bike brands 2019

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A perfect Pro model without the hefty price tag, Curb can be your best bet for the entry level BMX bike. The bike is available in several variants and colour combinations to make it a perfect option. Combining the best geometry with high-end components, it would make a perfect fit for the biker in you.

4. Eastern

A company that has been working efficiently since 1996, the brand is perhaps one of the best choices you can ever make. Eastern has been quite popular ever since it came into the being 20 years ago.

Some of the best options you would love from this BMX brand include Natural, Orbit, Nagas, Javelin, Traildigger, Rebar, Shovelhead and Talisman. A prominent brand from Carolina, it has options for beginners, intermediates, expert as well as professional bikers around the globe.

Some representative BMX bikes from the brand would include

Eastern Cobra 2019

A bike designed by the professionals for those who are making an entry into the BMX racing, the Eastern Cobra 2019 should be an excellent option. You also have access to the hi-tensile steel frame coupled with perfect durability guaranteed. The grips, pedals and sprocket are what should make it one of the great choices.

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Eastern ORBIT 2019

This is yet another perfect bike for all your needs as a beginner in the BMX biking. The gyro and a chromoly down tube coupled with the sealed rear and front tubes for a continuous ride. The integrated headset is yet another attraction for the youngsters. This bike is a great choice for anyone above the age of 13.

5. WeThePeople

If you are looking for best in class BMX bikes with advanced technology, the best you can go with would be WeThePeople bikes. They have bikes specifically designed for all the genres of bikers, and that includes novices, experienced and expert bike riders.

The Novice series from the brand is specifically designed for the bikers who are being initialised into the sports biking. The quality and style are what would make it one of the preferred bmx brands. The Novice brand offers you the options for a very low level of maintenance requirements. They come with advanced technology. They also have access to skate park bikes that have become quite efficient options for enthusiasts. The BMX brand has been a great option for almost every one of your requirements.

Here are a few options that should help you get the best out of BMX racing-

WeThePeople Nova

Committed to its promise of offering low priced yet high-performance products for the BMX enthusiasts, the Nova bike is quite nimble and easy to manoeuvre. The bike is best suited for both Pro riders and amateurs alike.

WeThePeople Justice

The 2019 edition of the Justice bike offers you a full chrome alloy and a complete professional parts construction. Remote aftermarket grips and Logic pedals are what would further make it one of the preferred choices for the biking enthusiasts. If you are checking out the best mid-level bikes for the best BMX experience, this is the perfect you can go with.

6. Haro

Haro is yet another fantastic brand that has been able to achieve the best standards. A well-known brand in the realm of BMX bikes, Haro has been able to achieve the highest standards across the globe.
Known worldwide for the extreme quality, durability and longevity, the Haro range of BMX bikes have become one of the best you would want to go with.

Though the company may be quite a new entrant in the BMX Bikes arena, they have been able to achieve the highest standards in the practically shorter period. It has been able to pose a stiff challenge to the established brands. Entering the world of BMX bikes with the number plates and other accessories for BMX bikes, the company has now been able to reach a stage where it is competing with the same brands that it has been supplying accessories to. The Haro bikes have their branding with a focus on mountain bikes and beach cruisers.

A few good options in the genre are

Haro CK AM

The Haro Chad Kerley AM is indeed an excellent option if you are looking to ride a Chad. The full CRMO frame and custom moulded chainstays are a few options that would make it one of the preferred choices. Approved by Chad himself, this is the best you can get for an extremely wonderful experience.

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Haro Boulevard

The bike best suited for those weekend rides, Boulevard comes with the sealed rear wheel and La Mesa tires. It is completely light and highly responsive. The Pro looking bike should be a great option with the high-end construction that it comes with.

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7. Mongoose

Mongoose, that is exactly what has become quite synonymous with the BMX bikes in recent times. It is one of the bike companies that have been serving the biking enthusiasts since 1974 when this company was established. The Californian bike manufacturer has been able to reach out to the expectations of the sports bikers worldwide.

They are the best options if you are a beginner in the realm of BMX bikes and sports bikes. They may not be the best when it comes to light weight construction, but the durability and affordable pricing are the two features that have made it bikers’ darling across boundaries. The Mongoose Men’s Fireball 8 may be a good example for the best that Mongoose has on offer. If you are into freestyling or stunt biking, the Mongoose bikes may be the best you would want to try out. Easy to move with, affordable and excellent design are a few features that have made it a great choice for the bikers and stunt lovers.

The bikes coming from the brand include the following –

Legion L10

The Legion series from Mongoose brand has been one of the hot favourites for the BMX riders. The experience of over 40 years by Mongoose showcases in the design and construction.

Mongoose 20″ Boy’s Wildcard Freestyle BMX Bike

best bmx bike brands mongoose

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It is a great bike to show off your skills and impress your friends. The lightweight and compact design make it a comfortable option for those long rides. An excellent option for the professional in you, the bike comes with 25x9T cassette hub micro gearing. You can opt for a full bar spin with the 360-degree rotor.

8. Subrosabest bmx bike brands subrosa

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Subrosa is known for the BMX bikes that have become a wonderful choice for street biking and has been able to impress a wide range of users who love BMS bikes. They are designed in such a way that they will enhance your personality in addition to improving your biking experience. What would make them an exciting choice in comparison to the other competing brands is they are highly customizable.

Design the bike just the way you would want it to look like. The construction is just outstanding, and you will find the rant alloy U-brakes and chromoly frame an excellent option that makes it one of the sturdy bikes you would ever want to go with. The bikes manufactured by Subrosa are best suited for both Pro and novice users.

You also have access to a chin kit as part of the sales package so that you can opt for easy repairs. The excellent pedals and axles and spindle construction have been widely appreciated. The Subrosa Altus 12″ BMX Balance Bike should be what you would meet most of your requirements. The frames are constructed with thicker steel, while most of the competing brands come with thinner alloy frames.

Apart from those prime brands, you can also have a look at a few other options if you are looking for variety. Here are a few great options you may have to want to have a look at the following brands –

  • Hoffman Bikes – Based on Oklahoma, the brand has been offering a variety of BMX bikes. It also offers you a wide range of options in street bikes, freestyle bikes and half pipe bikes
  • DK Bicycles – DK Bicycles have been one of the prominent names in the BMX arena, and has been able to offer you a few good options among the trail riding and racing bikes.
  • Stolen Bike Company – This is yet another great option for your needs in trail or street riding needs. They are known for the removable brake systems.


These were some of the most popular brands that can live up to your expectations. Make sure you check out all the variants offered by these brands to select the perfect BMX bike for your requirements. If you have tried any of the bikes offered by the above brands, do share your experience with us via comments.

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