Best Fitness Tracker for Kids: Fitness Trackers For Teenagers

To keep kids motivated in fitness, they need to have encouragement in the form of an exciting device. What better device to keep your kids fits other than a fitness tracker? Simple, elegant, easy to carry yet of great service, the fitness tracker has proven to be a great source to keep kids motivated and monitored as they engage themselves in more outdoor activities.

The current fitness tracker market covers a wide variety of ranges that starts from simple basic models that do not need constant charging to the more advanced models that involve more features to keep track of body controls.

There are many expensive Fitbit trackers in the market, but that does not mean it provides the needs for all your solutions. Currently, many Fitbit bands are made available in the market and are very affordable and not to mention provide many services and features that will prove beneficial not only for kids to track their daily activities, but also serve as a great security feature that helps you monitor your child’s location and whereabouts.

After a heavy bout of research regarding different smartwatches and the fitness band made available, we present to you some of the effective and reasonably priced Fitbit band that will not only put in a proactive lifestyle on your child’s wrist but also ensure your kids safety while making sure that your pockets do not get burnt in the process.

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Garmin Vivofit Junior 2 – Ideal Tracker for All Kids

Possibly the only fitness tracker that is inspired by Walt Disney and Marvel comes to a unique line of collection of designer bands that will have every kid urging to have one of the bands. Kids will actively participate in more activities and see how rewarding these activities can be through monitoring by the fitness fitness tracker for kids garmin vivo fit

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With the Vivofit Junior 2, two parents can instruct on the chores also schedules alerts using the smartphone app. All this is viewed on the kids’ band in an organized list. Now no need of verbally instructing the kid as the instructions are viewed in the band. Kids must get into active and healthy competition. The Vivofit Jr 2 band helps set up step by step timed competitions. Now they can compete with their peers or beat their best scores; the band will show them their latest conquest. With every successful milestone, the band rewards them by unlocking games and adventures.

The swim-friendly band has a customizable screen. Estimating on the amounts of steps taken, the assessment of sleep patterns, reminding of the tasks and notifications are all contained within the band. One need not worry about constant charging of batteries as the battery life is for one year and is replaceable with no charging needed.


  • The device can be controlled by the parent.
  • Connectivity with friends and family made possible (if they too are using Garmin)
  • IP68 protected that makes the tracker waterproof.
  • Primary tracking tools made available to monitor the movement of the kids by the parents
  • User-friendly as the functions can easily be operated by kids
  • Customizable screen to suit your moods and needs
  • Battery life is one year. No charging required, simply replace and reuse.


  • One of the more expensive watches when compared with other competing fit bands.
  • There is no presence of a heart rate monitor
  • Altimeter feature is not included in the applications

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T-CORE Fitness Tracker Smart Watch – Best Tracker all Inclusive

Built like a smartwatch, the big screen makes T CORE fitness alluring to view as one can easily capture all the information at a single glance. With the options made available on the screen, you can simply change the screen through a simple touch on the icon. Power endurance is longer, thanks to the powerful battery of 220mA being installed that can carry a charge up to a week. Notifications are now easily trackable. Any SMS and SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) notifications that come into your phone are displayed on your watch fitness tracker for kids 2019 tcore fitness tracker

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To gauge your health parameters, the watch can gauge your heartbeat, track your sleep, place reminders to walk and also track your steps. Active tracking by the watch helps you achieve your daily goals. Being light and having a soft skin rubber, the watch comfortably rests on the wrist of the kid without realizing that there is something on their wrist. The color TFT screen is attractively designed and is an eye-catcher. Being an IP 68 certified device, it is immune to water. Kids can now play in the water or possibly swim with it without worrying about the band strapped on their hand. Finally, it is a one-time charge where the 220mA battery is charged once, and the watch delivers power for close to a week.


  • Large screen with better viewability of applications.
  • Installed with a 220mA battery that can last for seven days in a single charge
  • Inclusive of a magnetic charging capability.
  • IP68 protected, hence waterproof
  • Presents all the vital features that are essential to monitoring all your activities.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Design is boxy.
  • Does not come with interchangeable straps.

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Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch –Value Added Kids Fitness Band

An extremely funky and extrovert looking smartwatch, Vtech Kidizoom, when handed over to the kids, will get them excited to start using the features present in the watch. The first thing that can be noticed on the watches’ physical body is that two cameras allow you to take pictures and selfies.
Now make your kid read time through 55 analog and digital faces that can be customized. It is splash-proof and sweatproof, but not suitable for showering or fitness tracker for kids in 2019 vtech kidizoom

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Parental Control gives you the power to disable games completely or set a daily time limit for your Kidizoom Smartwatch game playing session. The band is easily detachable, Now enjoy changing bands of different colors to suit your kid’s attire! An ideal watch for ages between 4 and 12, the watch comes with an included Lithium polymer battery. The watch is an exciting piece of technology that will constantly keep your kid glued on to it.


  • The user experience of the watch is great
  • The sturdy built of the watch makes it durable
  • Offers exciting features that make the watch fun to use
  • Cajoles kids into getting in fitness
  • Varied Multimedia features make the watch a lot more efficient
  • An affordable price range for a watch with multiple features.


  • The watch is Splash proof not waterproof, hence cannot be used in a pool or shower.
  • The dial is huge. Makes the watch looks chunky.
  • Provides only basic features.

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Fitbit Ace – Best Fitbit for Kids

A simple, neat cut design to resemble a bracelet, the Fitbit Ace has already gained popularity due to its elegant design structure. Be it actively tracking steps, rewarding the kids of achieving goals and preset targets. An IP68 guarded device, it protects the interiors of the watch from sudden splashes and spills. The adjustable writs band makes it comfortable for kids with varying wrist fitness tracker for kids fitbit 2019

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The device possesses the capability to sync wirelessly and automatically to iOS and Android phones, respectively. Standard features made available include, counting of steps, reminders of activities to do, customizing your goals and sending notifications are some of the prime features that the Fitbit provides. It has a relatively sturdy battery that can last up to 5 days depending on the kind of usage the watch is put through. The watch simply weighs around 1.12 ounces, which is a pleasure to wear for kids as it does not add any additional stress on the wrist. Gift this piece to your kid and encourage and instill in them the benefits to stay active all day.


  • One can stay connected with the family (if the other person possesses a Fitbit).
  • Statistics can be viewed by parent and child.
  • Fundamental tracking tools made available and so easy for the parents to keep track.
  • Monitors Sleep pattern so you can work on improving your sleep durations.
  • Adjustable straps made available to fit on different wrists size.
  • Design of the watch makes it comfortable.
  • Design of functions is child-friendly and hence easy to use.


  • Build to resist water to some extent, but not waterproof.
  • Monitoring of heartbeats is not present in the watch.
  • No altimeter is present.
  • A single charge can only last up to 5-days.

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7 things I learned from wearing activity tracker watches

Fitbit bands are currently a rage among the young and the old alike. There is a reason for doing so. The band has caused a revolution in personal health and fitness that people are waking up to. Here are some of the crucial points that one will learn from wearing a fit band that causes an actual realization to correct your habits to improve and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sitting for too long is injurious for your back

There is a saying that “Sitting is the new form of smoking”. Prolonged hours of sitting in one place have caused a lot of people back problems. Contrary to the belief that the chairs cause harm, it is the inactivity that does you more harm. The fit band encourages you to get up from your chair and stroll so that your back is released from the pressure of strenuous sitting.

2. Doing a couple of thousand steps in a day is not impossible

The average recommended steps per day is close to 10000 steps. Now listening to this seems a mammoth task. But when you have encouragement from a fit band, everything seems doable. The tracker keeps on encouraging you in phases until you achieve your target.

3. Stairs at home and Office are an excellent Health Equipment

Many of us do not go to the manual stairs to flight up and down our residences and offices. This is where we lose some potential exercising during the day. The fit band serves as a constant reminder to take the stairs and also monitors the number of steps that you take and serves as a great exercise pattern for people who cannot hit the gym frequently.

4. The fit band measures everything proportionately

Any exercise that needs to be carried out needs to be done in phases. This means you need to gradually ramp up your pace as your system grows stronger to take up bigger challenges. The Fitbit breaks down everything into systematic phases by setting goals and rewarding you by unlocking some phases. This way, you achieve your targets without overdoing a particular task or activity without abusing or hurting your body.

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2019

To conclude, parents must constantly encourage their kids to lead an active life. This can be done more so by not gifting them virtual world products like gaming devices but something more beneficial like a Fitbit bracelet. However, it should be noted that the fitness band is not solely responsible for improving your kid’s healthy lifestyle but rather serves as a great facilitator through motivating your child to get more active and get aligned towards health and fitness regimes.

Finally, it is up to you parents to choose the right kind of fit band that strikes a perfect balance between fitness and entertainment. The features should be 50-50 so that your child enjoys a healthy proportion of health benefits with the rewards of entertainment all sourced through a smart fitness band.

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